Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday Morning....Da Da Dada Da Da

Ouch, the first week of the diet is over and so far so good. I miss some things and others not at all. The hardest part was seeing the Bourne Ultimatum without popcorn!!!!! We also had 3 birthdays this weekend and I had NO CAKE!!!! Today was bad in the fact that I left my lunch at home. I was able to get a chicken Asian salad at McD's and it was OK. I think the dressing had a lot of sugar because it BURNED my mouth. At least I was able to go there and walk away with just a salad, even though I would love a No.2 with a vanilla shake.

The boy is back from Philmont and is GREAT. He had a wonderful time and would love to do it again. He also said he would love to work there once he turned 18 and could become a Ranger. That is awesome. He looked great (lost 10lbs) and talked alot about it. We are hoping to have some pictures later this week so I might post one or two.

The niece and Sister-In-Law are back home after about 6 weeks visiting. They had a great trip and we spent some nice time with them. It was a nice weekend send off as my brothers and sister and related family members all got together for a nice BBQ/birthday/welcome back boy party. We celebrated both my brothers' and my mother's birthdays. Some family friends stopped by and we ended up playing apples to apples until after midnight.

Now I have a week full of scout activities. I have something EVERY night till Friday. Should be fun and long. I just hope I can survive the diet on top of all of this...

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