Saturday, July 05, 2008

Right To Be A Jackass...

Yesterday was a special day for this nation, and on top of that it was a special day for tons of new citizens. In ceremonies across the country people from other countries LEGALLY became citizens of the United States. It was a proud day for them, their families and friends and for us. Of all the places to be in this world they chose here and went through the process to become a citizen and now have all the rights AND responsibilities that come with it. It should be a great day for all...

Except for the jackasses. You saw them shouting at the President as he gave a speech to a group of new Americans. He even may light of it by mentioning free speech in this country. I am all for Freedom of Speech! I speak my mind everyday, all the time. But at that point, at that place those jackasses ruined a beautiful and important moment in those new Americans' lives for what a moment in the spotlight. I could understand if it was a political rally or stump speech but here was the President of this nation welcoming it's newest citizens and you have to pull shit like that, so what you can yell 3 words and then get taken out. Jackasses!!!


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