Monday, November 18, 2002

What a weekend!

It started Friday at 5pm when my son and I went to Camp Cutler for a Cub Scout camp out. A great time, didn't expect the 4 inches of snow! Nature hikes, archery, conservation projects, snowball fights and camp fires. The boys had fun and the adults ate like kings!!

We returned early, Saturday night, for we had a big Sunday planned. We awoke Sunday morning in our own confortable beds and got ready for THE BIG DAY!!!! Breakfast, showers, and Sunday paper behind us, we headed out to the 11:55 showing of Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. Like most parents this weekend we added our $5.25 each to the 87.7 Million Box Office, althought we did it by Fandago, therefore bypassing the long lines and mad scramlbe for 3 seats together. No review here, but it was a blast!!!!! No one moved for the full 3 hours!!! A good movie and true to the book (I always like that), up next is The Two Towers.

Now here it is Monday afternoon and it's time to browse the blogs!!!!


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