Saturday, November 09, 2002

A day late, it's the Friday Five

1. Did you vote in your last elections?

Yes, I vote in every election!

2. Do you know who your elected representatives are?

Yes, there was some confusion this year because Albany decided to redistrict Western New York and my representatives changed!

3. Have you ever contacted an elected representative? If so, what was it about?

As a matter of fact I have. I am a Local President for a national Union and have been in contact with several politicians this past year as one of my shops were negiotiatiing a contract. I have found most to be helpful and concerned and several got DIRECTLY involved by contacting the compnay and attending a rally we had in front of the business.

4. Have you ever participated in a demonstration?

Yes, several!! For both politiacians and unions......Since I am a registered Independant I never get invited to 'political rallys' yet as a Labor Leader I attend functions for politicans that have supported us locally.

5. Have you ever volunteered in an election? What was the result?



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