Tuesday, November 05, 2002

We've taken care of everything

The words you hear the songs you sing

The pictures that give pleasure to you eyes.

It's one for all and all for one

We work together common sons

Never need to wonder how or why.

Today is Election Day!!! I am neither a republican or a democrat, I am a registered Independant. Does that mean I'm wishy-washy? No, my father was a republican yet I'm a union leader so I should a democrat! However I believe the person who best represents MY issues gets my vote!! I will not feel obligated to vote along party lines. I will also not vote for the candidate who uses 'mud-slinging' tactics! As a TV director I see EVERY ad from day 1 to Election Day and a candidate who doesn't present his/her issues but instead 'attacks' the opposition does not get my vote! A perfect example was last Friday. Everyday for the past 2 weeks we have given all candidates a 'Q&A' session on our AM news show. On Friday a Democratic candidate was given 3 minutes. From the start she was rude, demanding and down right mean to everyone involved with the show! She accused the camera guy of being biased and the producer of trying to set her up! I didn't care much for her attitude and immediately was pulling for her opponent. The Republican was very professional in not saying a word about the incident (he was in the newsroom the whole time), even when the crew joked about it. However, when he got his 3 minutes every comment was, 'my opponent this and my opponent that'. At one point the reporter asked 3 times his position on a specific issue and 3 times he responded with an attack on his opponent! Thankfully I am not in their distict and if I was I would vote for the 3rd Party person or not vote for that race at all!!!

So the lesson today kids is get out there and VOTE!! Vote for your issues, not along party lines. Elect the people who represent YOU!! And whether they win or lose you did your duty!!

UPDATE: I voted and found out my area was 're-districted'! The people above are in my district and I voted for neither!!!!


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