Saturday, January 11, 2003

Now I intended to write more during the week, sorry...been busy busy...

Monday: Union call from 2pm - 7:30pm
Tuesday: Cub Scouts
Wednesday: Union Meeting (6:30-9:30 urg)
Thursday: Weight Meeting (5-7)
Friday: Feel asleep at 8pm

Did I mention that I am dealing with a Sexual Harrasment termination (not me) and a work layoff (3 people this time). I am truly exhausted. Rented SOCOM Navy Seals to vent some frustration but haven't had time to play it and the dishes got back logged (I do the dishes and my wife does the laundry, it works!!!!).Anyway, today I think I will workout, clean my son's playroom and bring the Christmas tree to the local nature center for recycling.

The good news is through everything this week (including the usual "hate my job' situations) I have brought NONE of it home and been having some laughs all week with the wife and boy. Part of my new year, new outlook is to leave the shit at work and enjoy the family God has blessed me with. The other day someone said it was nice to close the book on 2002 and begin the first chapter of 2003, I said "Close the book, tie it shut, attach a cement block, go to the middle of Lake Ontario and drop it in!!!", "Bad year?" he asked, "Nope" I said, "2003's been pretty good so far!!!" While that got a good laugh from the group, it is very true. We shall never speak of it again!!!!!


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