Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Happy New Year!!!!!!!! From my family to you and yours!!!!

I've been sick this week and missed last night, passed out around 8pm and was awoken by my son yelling "3..2..1..Happy New Year!!!" My family then all came up to my room to wake me. I, of course, had to work this morning at 5am (alarm went off at 4am), so sick and tired I dragged my sorry butt in to work. While airing The Today Show it was nice to see the only 'major' news story of the day was the Mexican fire, while tragic, I was braced for much worse on New Year's Eve. Locally there was not one DWI related accident!!!!

All in all I am looking forward to big changes in 2003 and am very glad 2002 is behind us.


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