Saturday, October 04, 2003

Now the fun begins. The house is on the market AND we are packing for the move. My son is excited and so are we, to a point....We are just beat down, too much stuff to do .

My mother is coming out to help us pack which should help calm down the wife. She gave her notice on Tuesday and she feels a lot better!!! She also has a few jobs lined up out there, which is good for her and one of the reasons we are moving.

Today is the fourth day of my union retirement. The new President took over on October 1st and I feel good about it. I knew we were going to be leaving in the next 2 years and didn't want to take a position I couldn't finish . Got rid of all the paperwork yesterday and my basement is virtually empty!!! While I will miss the day to day operations of union life, I won't miss the 20 plus hours extra a week you have to work!!!!!!!!!!


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