Friday, October 01, 2004

Movie Fun

Saw this this morning and figured with all the Debate Blogging going on I would give you a change of pace read:

1) The Shawshank Redemption
2) It's a Wonderful Life
3) ET the Extra-Terrestrial
4) 2001: A Space Odyssey
5) The Great Escape
6) The Wizard of Oz
7) Some Like It Hot
8) The Color Purple
9) Raiders of the Lost Ark
10) Psycho
The survey was based on films which had not won best film, best actor, best actress, best supporting actress, best supporting actor, best director and best foreign language film.

OK, there you have a nice list, the only missing movie I see is Star Wars (1977). I have seen everyone of those and feel each one left some sort of mark on film and the audience. I am surprised there are so many 'non-drama' films on there. Aside from the Color Purple (my wife's favorite) and The Shawshank Redemption (by horrormister King) the others are Sci/Fi, Fantasy, Comedy and the lone Historical Epic (The Great Escape). You can also see why the Oscars just plain suck sometimes, the holier than thou attitude of the "Academy" voters pisses me off almost every year. Why did they wait for The Return of the King to give Jackson Best Picture and Director? Of the 3 movies in the series that was the worst one, a wrap up of the story that was so well crafted in Fellowship and Two Towers, I do not think there was 5 minutes of dialog in Return. But the attitude was he has a trilogy to release so let us honor them all at the end instead of 3 years in a row of him dominating Best Picture and Best Director. In doing so does not the 2nd best picture actually win?!?!?!? Were CHICAGO and A BEAUTIFUL MIND then the 2nd Best Pictures of 2001 and 2002?? Were Roman Polanski and Ron Howard the 2nd Best Directors? We would have to assume so as Return of the King was not the best film in the Trilogy yet that was the one that won all the awards.........

Note to self: add Movie Awards to the Do Not Discuss List after Politics and Religion.

PS: Thanks to Netflixfan for the list!


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