Saturday, January 08, 2005

Another Day In paradise

Snow this morning, snow I did not expect, so up at 7:30am to shovel the drive way so the wife can get to work. Now I am hitting the computer to load up the MP3 player with new music to work out to and do a little browsing.

Had a few frazzled days this week. Yesterday my head was up my ass all morning. Not Fridayitis but just beat down. This week however I am keeping to one "resolution" and that is keep updated on local politics. While I do not know the players or all of the issues, I have made an effort to visit the new governors website and the new session of the State Legislature has started and I stopped by there to see what bills are coming up. So much BS in politics it is a wonder how anything gets done.

On the work side it is busy busy. We have a pre-game show with the Colts on Sunday, in which I am the moral compass for Indiana. We have a 5 second delay box and I am the man with the button. If you knew me in everyday life this would be the funniest thing in the world to you as my mouth should have a 5 second delay. But then again maybe that is why they picked me, if I hear anything I might say I hit the button. Chances are slim we will need it but in today's society the powers that be feel we need it and I do not blame them for not wanting to pay several thousand dollars in fines because some fan likes to say Fuck.......

Then on Monday we have the Governors inauguration, which we are carrying live and I will be directing. I like this guy and he seems to have good business sense. He worked on Reagan's staff at the White House and has taken lots of people from the business world to rebuild our government. More with less is his motto and if that means lower taxes and better distribution of the budget money then more power to him. Plus he wants to put Indiana on Daylight Savings time, as we are the only state (along with Arizona) that does not change our clocks. One minute we are on Eastern Standard Time the next we are on Central, very confusing to this New Yorker.

Enjoy the day and the snow if you got it


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