Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Countdown Begins

As all holidays have good traditions, one of mine is the last minute
shop. It is the day before Christmas Eve and I still have a few
things to pick up. We went over the boys gift sack last night and
found while the gifts are smaller they are more expensive!!! And
while it looks like we got him nothing, we spent more this year than
ever before, and we didn't stop at Toys R Us once!!!

My wife's family and mine celebrate differently. To me and mine we
had a few nice gifts under the tree, but it was usually the thought
that counts. A handmade box or $5 trinket was loved as much if not
more than the $50 Hummel. On the other hand my wife and her family
had a tree over-flowing with gifts and while the $10 mittens were
nice, they better be wrapped in a Sach's Fifth Avenue box or wrapped
by Tiffany's. And that is were my wife and I have clashed these past
12 Christmases.

We live the Target/Sears life while some expect the Newman/Marcus
gift. We have come to a happy medium over the years and have bought
thoughtful and tasteful gifts for all our families. And when it comes
down to it we have found it is the effort of selecting the right gift,
the thought you put into it and the execution of your 'gift plan' that
really counts. Sometimes it is an expensive gift that is given and
others it is a simple but significant item to both the gifter and
receiver. One gift I will always remember is the one I gave my father
several years ago. While looking in a used book store I found a box
set of The Lord of The Rings from 1966, paperback in good condition
still with the box. The same set my father gave me in 8th grade to
read, which I have beat to death and while I still have it they are
held together by tape and rubber bands. While it only cost me $4.50
to buy, they actually meant something to me and him. Plus the next
year I got him a Hand held GPS Receiver. Merry Christmas!!!!!


At 10:49 PM, Blogger Brent said... first set of LOTR was given to me by my uncle when I was 15 years old. I spent the summer with him in Philly and he took me to NYC where I stood at the top of the south tower of the WTC. He gave me the set before I left to go back home. He died recently, and I don't think he ever knew how much I loved those books.

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