Monday, January 03, 2005

Another Beginning

So the new year has already started without us. So far so good. Spent Saturday in my PJ's all day cleaning under the tree and finally playing one of my new computer games. The family decided to watch a movie and The Return of the King was suggested as I got the super hyper deluxe version on DVD. It was then that it dawned on us that I had received the super duper hyper deluxe version of The Two Towers last year and we have not watched that one. So it was Two Towers time! Mr. Jackson added an additional 50 minutes to the film so it was way over 4 hours, quiet the investment of time! But well worth it in the end. The added footage actually added to the film and were sorely missed in the theatrical release. After is was over and the boy went to bed we looked through the special features. Now the set comes with 2 disks of special feature (6 parts for all the movies) and we will eventually watch them (plus each deluxe set had an added disk for a total of 9 DVD's full of stuff). The movies however contain commentary (you must watch each movie at least 4 times to hear all the commentaries) by several people and we selected the actors commentary and jumped to several big scenes to hear what they had to say. There were a few funny stories told by the actors playing Gimli, Theoden, and Eoymer, Eljiah Wood and Sean Aston were with Andy Serkis (Gollum) and were so into political commentary that they turned us off to it. However the actors who played Merry and Pippin were HYSTERICAL!!!!! Clever commentary, jokes, stories and a few actual serious notes, Jackson should have let them do the whole movie by themselves. While Eljiah, Sam and Andy were jumping all over themselves with terrorism and war 'insight' and covering up scenes they were not in to finish a thought, the other two would tell good stories involving the actors on screen if they were not. All in all a great movie made even better by the directors ability to add onto the DVD.

Sunday was the start of our new household rules. Neater first floor, healthier eating and more meals as a family. Today I woke at 7am and worked out. So far so good!



At 11:21 AM, Blogger Brent said...

I can't even imagine waking up, then working out. My body would never forgive me.....


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