Thursday, December 30, 2004

Year In Preview

Since I decided last year to do my "Year In Review" on my birthday to celebrate MY year, this time I think I will do a year in preview.

For 2005 I think I will want to:

1) Take more pictures. I started hot and heavy with the digital camera and kinda slacked off when we moved. Time to jump back into it and of course share with you good folks.

2) Continue my work out program. It seems to be working for me and it is very inexpensive, so I MUST keep up with it. I don't think I have another choice.

3) Get out more! Visit my family more and do more things on the weekend with the wife and boy.

4) Diversify! Read, watch and listen to things outside my normal view. Explore new books and movies I usually wouldn't (the wife would like this one).

I think that will do for now, I of course reserve the right to add but I do not think I shall change any of them. Good luck to you and yours this New Year and I'll see you on the other side!

PS: I see lots of visitors lately, please in helping me with Number 4, suggest a site (Blog, news, commentary) not on my links or blogroll. Thanks!


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