Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Snoopy she ain't

So we have guests visiting all week and are spending a lot of time at
my folks. That and we (the wife and I) have to work this week means
leaving the house at 10am and returning after 10:00pm. Now we have a
dog and she is very good about being home alone and if we know we are
going to be out late I will stop home and let her out and hang for a
few so she isn't stuck at home for 12 hours alone. Last night however
was a little different. The boy was with me in the morning and as we
left to go to grandma's I let the dog out and told him to let her in
when he left. I went to start and clean off the car and he came out a
few minutes later to leave. When the wife got home at 10:14pm she was
worried when the dog did not jump her at the front door. That's when
she heard the woof from the backyard. She got left outside all day
and pretty much played by herself. We have several balls and chew
toys outside for her in the summer in a basket by the door. Well the
basket was empty and the toys all over the yard. We think she had a
good time and wanted to go back out after she had come in a said hello
to everyone. Looks like we are building a dog house for her this
summer so she can spend more time out there if she wants.....


At 10:40 PM, Blogger Brent said...

YIKES...our Lab could stay out all day in the snow, and love every moment of it!! But our little daschund...he can't take the cold at all. He would have been a cold dog! Happy New Year, if I don't make it back!


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