Tuesday, January 18, 2005

New Pet Peeves

OK here are my new pet peeves starting with:

"Jumpers", when working out on a weight circuit there are about 20 machines that are set up in order so you start a muscle group and make your way threw it until you hit another muscle group and so on until the end. Now I know not everyone uses every machine (I only use 11) but there is an order to them in which you should do the exercises. Except there are some people that just jump on any machine and bounce from side to side until there workout is complete. They are called jumpers and can mess up anyone's routine without a thought. They piss me off, I understand someone doing 5 machines will jump over me while I do my 11, and I understand that people doing more than one set will either stay on their machine or come back later, but I hate these people I see walk in, then jump on a leg machine then jump on upper body, go back to a different leg, then arms, then calves, then upper body again and throws off everyone's rhythm.

"Friends and The Today Show", I love the Today Show, I think it is funny, entertaining, intelligent and informative. I worked Master Control for NBC for 9 years and had to watch it every day. Now I watch it to catch up on the world before work. The one thing I have noticed lately is using clips from Friends to promote an upcoming piece. While they may have worked when Friends was still on and was having an upcoming episode on this subject, Friends is now off the air. I have seen them do this 5 times now. Today was a clip of Ross at his Divorce Attorney after his 3rd marriage. They play the scene and I think that maybe that actor is on the show or NBC is promoting a new DVD or guest appearance on Joey. Nope, they are talking to divorce lawyers today and it was a way to remind people that NBC used to be the number 1 prime time network and noone could touch Thursdays on the Peacock. Guest what people, CBS is the prime time power house and with Survivor, CSI, and Without A Trace, it shall dominate Thursdays for a long time to come. Will and Grace has not been funny in years (I'm Gay, I'm Gayer, hahahahahha) and ER is now past it's prime (sad to say as I have watched it from day one). Give up the Friends Ghost NBC.....

"Weekend Gas Prices" Gas around here is about $1.70 give or take 10 cents. I pass by 7 gas stations on the way to work and see a difference of .20 for unleaded, and that is within same companies!! My problem is the fact that even if gas is down to 1.62 on Tuesday come Thursday it will be back up to 1.89 for the weekend. Now the gas companies claim it is an honest price increase, but I cry BULLSHIT on them. It is a way to rip off travelers and then take their time dropping back down to the previous low. Fill up on Wednesday and fuck the man!!!!!


At 1:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't work out, but I know plenty of people who do. I had no idea there was an "order" to the machines. Makes sense tho. I just can't stand the way it smells in there. Like slumber party.


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