Saturday, January 15, 2005


I sent several posts here via e-mail but none posted, interesting. Nothing of major importance but they were posts made this week instead of you all visiting and seeing the same post since Monday. Must look into it.

Nothing interesting in the rear view mirror this week. We have had some massive flooding here, all the rivers are several feet above flood stage and hundreds of people are out of their homes. There are certain places here that traditionally flood, and flood badly every year. You would think they would move, then I here an interview with one of the home owners. His parents built the house in the 40's and when they died he got it. Now he has been trying to sell it for over 5 years and noone will buy as everyone now knows the flooding problems and do not want to have to go through that every year. I feel sorry for these poor people, stuck in homes they can not sell yet put tons of money into them every year to clean up after the floods. See it is times like this that I feel the government should come in and buy the land and let it go back to nature and maybe it might help reduce flooding both up and down the river. So instead of flushing our tax money into the welfare department or serving special interest groups, here is a way to save money. Create a new wetlands, help contributing members of the community and SAVE the money usually spent on police, fire and public works to evacuate the areas, drain these homes and rebuild/repair the roads and infrastructure after every flood.

Just a thought!


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