Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A little bit of this......

Jumbled Thoughts Today:

1. Heard the term Saturated Earth yesterday, great name for a band.

2. Weather getting nicer and drivers getting stupid. But they are think of passing a road rage bill here in Indiana, maybe they should past a Stupid Drivers Bill and ticket any idiot hogging the left lane while DOZENS must pass on the left because he/she is an idiot.

3. PARTY UPDATE: The Common Sense Party would support a bill that made Speed Limits on NON-RESIDENCIAL roads Speed Suggestions and focused on Aggressive Driving. That would stop cops from pulling over cars going 60 in a 55 but allow them to pull over aggressive drivers going any speed. We have a road here that went from 2 lane (one each way) to 4 lane WITH a turning lane and the speed limit is still 40 and I have watched people get pulled over doing 45-50 on it. This road is concrete and nicer and straighter than most 4 lane highways but they never updated the Speed Limit, the street parallel to it and only 2 lanes is 40mph. Aarrgg.

4. Saw SAW last night, another excellent movie. Finally we have people thinking outside the box!!! Well written and directed, it actually gets a great performance out of Carey Elwes. Score another one for young Hollywood outsiders and small studios!!!!!!

5. My newest addiction is ROME: TOTAL WAR. I could play it for hours and have, a great follow up to SHOGUN:TOTAL WAR and MEDIEVIL: TOTAL WAR. If you liked Risk growing up then look no further. It is two games in one and will keep any avid military/simulation gamer happy!!


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