Thursday, March 03, 2005

Party Update

Note: Written last night via E-mail but never posted here:

Last night in the Indiana State House, the Democrats staged a walkout
and held the House Floor hostage for 14 hours, at Midnight the
deadline passed and 134 bills died on the floor. Several important
pieces of legislation like Daylight Savings Time, Stadium Funding, and
the controversial bill that would require all registered voters to
show a Picture ID before voting, the big one according to the Dems.
Also lost in the mix was funding for Social Services, easing Jail
overcrowding and a Child Protection law. There is a provision in the
Indiana Constitution that would allow the Speaker of the House to send
out the State Police to round up all missing Representatives and bring
them to the floor. Since the Dems were not on the floor the House
never reached Quorum and could not vote on anything. Each and every
one of these men and women who held out and were mostly standing in
the hall outside the House Floor should be brought up on recall
charges and let their district vote in someone who would do the
people's business. If I was the Speaker I would have had the State
Police out there by hour 4.

The Party would support a bill stating that any elected official who
knowingly holds up the people's business to play party politics can be
removed from office and a special election take place in their home
district within the week.


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