Monday, April 18, 2005

Picking A Pope

They have started the Conclave of Cardinals and as I speak the black
smoke is rising from the Chapel. I am old enough to remember when
Pope John Paul II was elected and the excitement and hope that it
brought to Roman Catholics around the world. It is my hope that the
Cardinals do the right thing and not the politically correct thing. I
can accept a Pope from any walk of life, I just hope that they vote
and elect a man that will lead the Church and be active not just a
figurehead while the real work is done behind the "Look How
Progressive We Are" Pope. While not an issue for me I dislike the
conversations happening in the news organizations...America is a small
part of a larger community in the Church and the rest of the world is
not as focused on race issues as we are.

For the record I have never heard of a African-Britain or
Mexican-German before.....


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