Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Tribe Has Spoken.....

Not to make light but in this day and age I would not be surprised to
see this headline somewhere in America.....

We have a new Pope, I was fortunate enough to turn on the TV right
when the white smoke started to appear and awaited the bells while the
commentators commented on the color of the smoke for 20 minutes......

I am glad we have a more old world Pope as we are not ready, nor would
we find another John Paul II so quickly. I see this Pope trying to
re-establish our moral compass and try to get folks back into the fold
by staying true to our faith and fostering goodwill, good morals, and
a beacon of light that people can look towards. While I am no prude I
welcome this possible change that would straighten our crooked little
trail of youth today. Music, movies, books are all fine and good as
you have the choice to view them but respect, morals, upbringing needs
some work.

Pray for our new Pope and hope for a better tomorrow.


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