Friday, April 29, 2005

Year In Review II or Happy Birthday To Me

I had written this earlier and then the PC ate it so here it is again..........
The time is here again to take a look back and see where I have been.  Today I start the downhill journey to 40 and see that my 34th year here was pretty good.  The family is healthy, wealthy and wise (well maybe just healthy) and our first full year in Indiana was alright.  The boy has been fantastic since his hospital stay and is doing very well in Football and Baseball.  His school work took a hit as him (and mom and dad) got a little lazy on checking up on things.  That has changed and things are back on track.  We also got involved with Boy Scouts.  As an Eagle Scout I am proud the boy is showing some interest and the Troop is very organized and huge on advancement.  First Class in a year is their motto and I am hoping the boy is up for it.
The wife as well has settled in to her new job and is enjoying this new bank over her first one.  Close with the District Manager, she is on the verge of promotion again.  She is still as smart as ever (except that marrying me incident) and will go as far as she wants.
I am doing alright, I have stuck with my exercise program started in November and feel great.  Work is going well, I enjoy working here.  The bosses are alright and my co-workers as well.  I have a few I can joke with and none I really dislike working with and that is always a good thing.  I still miss some of my New York co-workers but I touch base with the important ones now and then and the rest are just the rest.
While I was originally writing this this morning I received 2 phone calls, one from my mother who wished me Happy Birthday.  The other from my grandmother, who, for as long as I can remember, calls on our birthday (mine, my brothers, sister, wife and son) and sings Happy Birthday, loudly and non-stop until she is laughing so hard she cannot sing anymore.  Today after getting through How old are you now she told me the story of the day I was born.  She was working in New York City at the time and jumped on the subway to head home as soon as she heard I was born.  She did not know if I was a boy or girl but was excited and talking to everyone on the subway and missed her stop.  She then had to take the train back into the city to catch the last train out to Queens.  By the time she got home everyone at work knew about me and were calling her all day to congratulate her on her First Grandchild.  I still remember going to her work as a young boy and being called Her Precious by all her co-workers.
Till Next Year.


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