Friday, July 29, 2005

A note of concern

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday that terrorists come "in all sizes and shapes and forms" and it wouldn't be fair for police to profile terrorism suspects on the basis of a Middle Eastern appearance.
This after NYC started up it own mass transit search in the wake of the bombings in London.  Wake up Mister Mayor, let us take a look at recent acts of terrorism to see what "shapes and sizes" they come in.
4 bombs, 4 mid 20's arab men of Muslim faith
London: failed
4 bombs, 4 mid 20's arab men of Muslim faith
Iraq: various
Various bombs, various mid 20's arab men of Muslim faith
USA: 9/11
4 planes, mid 20's arab men of Muslim faith
You are right Mr. Mayor, all shapes and sizes.  I can now see why strip searching Grandma and confiscating nail clippers from that Asian mother of 4 and taking the lighter away from the black man with son going on a fishing trip has made us all so safe.  Checking the backpack of the Indian women but letting the mid 20's Arab man with backpack and heavy coat in 90 degree weather through because he was person number 3 and we don't want some pussy ACLU Lawyer calling your office crying foul:  "Why yes he did have 'explosives' but they were for personal use and he feels he was picked out of the crowd because of his looks....."
You fucking disgust me, you and your ilk are what will destroy us in the future!  Let us not offend, BULLSHIT.  You people will not be happy until a dirty bomb or full blown nuke is set off in a major metropolitan area and millions dies while the Middle East and our Arab 'allies' do cartwheels in the streets and praise Allah that this happened to innocent American citizens, when it is YOUR DUTY TO PROTECT AND SERVE THOSE AMERICANS!!!! I hope to God every officer and every citizen in the great city of New York ignore your blatherings and keep a sharp eye out for mid 20's arab men of Muslim faith wearing heavy coats, or carrying backpacks or have loose wires coming out of baggy clothes.  I hope every police officer follows the great example of the London police and not give these fanatics a chance and take the head shot.  Will it be sad when an innocent is killed like in London, yes; should the man have hit the ground when ARMED cops point a gun at you and say freeze, yes....would I feel more secure in riding a subway or bus knowing this, yes.....  As an officer once said to me after 2 hours of grilling for a crime I did not do ( a wallet was stolen from a movie theater I managed, an usher later committed to doing it and returned the wallet and money but I was the manager on duty at the time),  you have to break some eggs to make the omelet...


At 2:46 PM, Blogger Aunt Murry said...

Thank you very much. I have to say that when I went to WDC, one of my charges managed to board the plane with not one but 10 razor blades in her back pack, she was fair and redheaded. All the while they were checking the button on my pants for the 3rd time because they had me, Little Miss Italian, who looks Arab, I guess, off to the side and checking me out. I have learned to fly wear bras with no under wire, shoes with no socks, and very limited carry on. And yet Lil Orphan Annie gets on the plane with 10 razor blades. Makes you feel real safe- don't it.

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