Tuesday, July 26, 2005


It has been so hot here these past few days. It hit 105 on the heat index yesterday and this weekend was brutal!!! The In-laws are coming so we spent the whole weekend cleaning house. It looks good and got a bunch of projects finished (update Powder Room, hang ceiling fans, put handles on cabinet doors in kitchen). I wanted to get outdoors but it was way too hot to mow and work outside so I waited until early evening and mowed around 7:30 to about 9:00, how did you do that you ask, well I have headlights on the tractor and thank god for that, nice and cool and the lawn got done ;-)

True Story:

Year ago when we first moved into our first home in NY we have no A/C. One summer it was so hot we decided when we upgraded the furnace we would see how much it cost to add A/C. Well that summer was terrible, we had one ancient AC unit in the master bedroom. It was from about 1956 and we were scared to turn it on but they had tossed the window pane when they installed it and we did not have something besides plywood to put in the window, so the unit stayed. My Grandmother came to visit and it was so goddamned hot that we finally plugged the unit in and closed the master door. Well that puppy churned out icy cold air and the small room was soon filled with the entire family. We moved the boy and the TV into the master bedroom and other than my grandmother sleeping downstairs with several fans (we offered our bed but she refused) noone left that room for almost the entire visit. It was cool, had a master bathroom and a TV. Shortly after she left we finally had money to upgrade the 1945 Furnace and we got the best bid to come in and do it. When they asked about AC we told them we would think about it. The day they came so we could sign the papers it was 8:30pm and our thermostat said it was 96 degrees in our family room, which was always about 5-10 degrees COOLER than the upstairs bedrooms! Needless to say the AC was install the very next day!

Stay Cool!!


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