Sunday, July 17, 2005

Movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

So we went this weekend to see the new Willy Wonka...let me correct that then new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. While they share the same characters and roughly the same storyline Charlie and Willy are two seperate movies. When I heard that Tim Burton was 'redoing' Willy Wonka I was very upset. First off, I am not a big Burton fan, while I do like some of his movies I am not a big fan of 'him'. Second I am so pissed at Hollywood for not coming up with an original idea in the past few years that the last thing I wanted to watch was ANOTHER remake. And while some may qualify this as a remake, I do not. Well made, great acting, great story and an incredible soundtrack make this a don't miss film. If you have seen Willy Wonka then you already know what happens but Burton out did himself this time and created an enjoyable film for all ages. Do yourself a favor and check this one out.

And if you do not get chills when Charlie finds the Golden Ticket you have no heart!


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