Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I Believe...

In Capital Punishment.

I believe you need to pay for your crimes. I believe in turning the other cheek but I also believe in an eye for an eye in certain cases. If you murder someone, and I don't mean, heat of the moment, or bad accident, or self defense, but cold blooded, put the shovel and tarp in the trunk and sit and wait in a closet murder, then you deserve to die. You drive by a rivals house and let lose with your Mac-10 and hit several kids and a grandma next door, you deserve to die. You kidnap a 12 year old, torture and rape them then leave them for dead, you deserve to die.

The problem with our court system and prisons is that we have no balls. We are afraid to go for the death penalty, we give criminals the chance to go out and commit crimes again; when they get a 12 year sentence and do 4, when they have cable TV, gyms, access to drugs, internet and other luxuries, it is a cake walk. Prison should be a 10x6 cell, bread and water, chain gangs and forced manual labor. All time should be hard time and all time must be served. Embezzled millions from your company, bam, you now work for us pal doing taxes, payroll and such and if you screw that up we add years to your sentence. Like to steal cars and chop them up, you are now in the motor pool helping keep the state's fleet of vehicles running. Too stupid to finish High School and get a proper education cause you're out selling dope and shooting up the street of your own neighborhood, buddy we got tons of roads that need fixing and fields that need to be plowed and streets that need to be cleaned. Chained up to the rest of the scum and if you try to make a break for it you'll end up with a bullet in the head. That's how I would run it. You serve time away from your home, no gang members serving in same blocks and limited access to 'free time'. Repeat offenders double their previous stay no matter what the crime and the time is harder for them. No time reduced for good behavior but time extended for bad.

As for the big time criminals you get the chair. You get sentenced to the death penalty you get 1 year tops to prove the court wrong, then you walk down the hall and take the long sleep to hell. None of this drag it our bullshit, that is why jails are overcrowded and the courts backed up. And if you are found covered in blood, with the knife in hand and the heads in the fridge, 3 weeks tops and you are strapped in and fried.

I also believe in lethal force on the streets. Cops are put in a position between fellow man and criminal and if they have exhausted all other options, then take the shot. As a member of the media I have seen my fair share of police involved lethal shootings. I feel bad for the families that lose a member but they must understand he/she was taken down because they endangered lives and the police were doing their job. Your loved one comes running out of the house with a knife to the throat of a 5 year old and the police take him out, I'd much rather give condolences to the criminal's family then the 5 year olds'.

"He was a gentle man, would never hurt a fly, except for that time he strapped dynamite to his back and held up that 7/11 store and held 5 people hostage with a shotgun to their heads, but he was really quiet and the kids loved him."


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