Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Murder Rage

A man was arrested over the weekend for shooting and killing a teenager and wounding another. It all started when these boys and their friends were out at night throwing eggs at passing cars. One lady stopped and called 911, on the tape you can hear her talking to another man who sounds very pissed and the 911 operator telling them both to stay were they are that police are on the way. The lady then tells 911 that the man has left looking for the kids. Next we know there is another 911 call that 2 teens had been shot. One dies, a gifted athlete, the other is wounded badly in the legs and will face months if not years of therapy. The man was caught a few days later,egg still on his truck.

While I do feel very bad about the senseless death and hope this guy gets the book thrown at him, I hope this serves as a lesson to other teens who hang out on the corner. Hanging with your buddies is a time honored tradition that I did and my father and my father's father but in this day and age beware!!! That 'harmless' prank of egging a car or ring and run might be the last straw in that person's day and tomorrow's headlines will be all about you!

Be smart, stay out of trouble and don't go looking for any either!


At 8:42 PM, Blogger Brent said...

It's tragic. I used to carry my gun as little as possible, but lately I don't go anywhere without it. The most trivial matter can suddenly become mayhem. What a sad commentary on life here in the states.


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