Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Rock and Roll Creation

Anyone else here love This Is Spinal Tap???? Just wondering, what a wonderful and funny Rockucomedy....

Stayed up late to watch the 3rd Monday Night Football game with my Indianapolis Colts and see them go 11-0!!! What a team with class and style, no showboating, no loudmouths, no 'bad boys', just plain old good professional players!! A team to look up to and emulate.

Slowly but surely my office is turning into what I always thought what the inside of Oscar's Can looked like. Now that I am on the downslope to 40 it is not as cool as I remember it would be. It will be cleaned eventually.

I have been struggling with no having anything to blog about and realized that I rather enjoy the quiet at work and home. Recently we (the wife and I) have been trying to be nicer to each other. Never really a problem but sometimes we fight over the dumbest things. I have noticed that she has been nicer lately and said something and she told me of her effort and it made me do the same. Now little things are just that little and easily fixed, we are happier and no stupid fights in front of the boy...win win!!!!

Now must fight ongoing laziness....later!


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