Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursday Woes

I am tired!!!! I woke at 6:40 am with the alarm, snoozed, opened eyes at 9:06am, had to get out of bed and opened eyes again at 10:05am and I have to be at work at 10:30 and it is a 20 minute drive (on a good day). I actually made it, showered and in clean clothes but no books, ipod or lunch in my bag!!

We have been working on the Winter Camporee for the past few months and this week is crunch time!! In the past 2 days I had to come up with 200 trivia questions in 5 different categories, as the person who volunteered to do it, did not do my brain is fried and I am just worn out.

I did not workout today but need to go tomorrow, or else!! I missed a meal yesterday ( I can afford to) and woke this morning HUNGRY!!! I ate lunch at 2:00 (Smart Choice) then nothing until my chicken sandwich right now, almost 24 hours no food or water...

Must go now, my Spanish newscast awaits....


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