Thursday, March 30, 2006

Survivor Night

It is Thursday, what happened to the week?!?!?!

What a day yesterday, we had breaking news and computers down and me in a seat from Noon till 6:30 without a break. I know so of you who actually work for a living are saying Awww...waaa. But it was a pain in the ass. While I do enjoy those type of days it kills me when I get to take a breath! It was fun and gets the pulse up and going and in the end it is what I get paid for...someday EOM!!!!

Got up early today, no I did not work out I went to the boy's school to help him clean out his locker...what a mess. That boy is driving us crazy right now...can do so much yet is trying to skate by on some subjects and issues, organization is one of them!!!! He had 4 winter coats in his locker, when I walked passed the main office the women in there said, Holy Cow!!! I didn't think the lockers were that big!! I laughed and said they aren't!!!!

TV Watchlist:
  • My Name Is Earl
  • The Office
  • Supernatural
  • CSI
  • ER
  • Survivor
  • Ghost Hunters


At 8:35 AM, Blogger Aunt Murry said...

Part of it is the boys age. I have 4 nephews and one of them lived with me when he was 12 -13. It's frustrating but hang in there. If you can let him work through some of it on his own and guide him with out being over bearing you'll have one terrific kid on the other end. It will be a bumpy ride for the next couple of years though.

At 3:49 AM, Anonymous danelle said...

Mine is 18 and I'm still pulling my hair out. Get out of here already!

So what are your thoughts on Survivor lately? Are you hating Shane and Courtney? I am.

At 7:06 PM, Blogger badarivasa said...

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