Thursday, June 01, 2006

Baseball, books and eBay...

I am eBay crazy right now. I am collecting baseball cards again for the first time in 10 years. The boy and I got back into this year as he can fully appreciate it and I found some cards I like. The boy is trying to build the 2006 Topps set...basic stuff but always nice cards and a great taste of the world of collecting. I found the Topps Heritage set. It was build as a challenge to set builders. Nice looking cards with a retro feel (based on 1957 Topps cards) and several of the cards are Short Printed so that while it is not easy to build a set, it is not too difficult. Actually puts fun back into set building and the got to have them all (basic) is a nice challenge.

That's were eBay comes in, I got the basic set and am now filling in the Short Prints and finding some lots on eBay. While there I found some cards of my heroes back in the day as well as cheap prices on tons of books I have been wanting to read. While my watch list is about 98 items long I have not gone crazy and bought up everything. I am just lurking for now and seeing what stuff is going for and making a deal or 2 for some old books that I want.......

Anyway, if you have any baseball cards or baseball books that you don't want any more let me know and I will gladly take them off your hands ;-)


At 10:24 AM, Blogger Aunt Murry said...

I cannot get on eBay. I bid and then I win. It's crazy. I have to stay away unless there is a particular item I am looking for. Just recently, I was showing someone how to use eBay and I bid on 4 items, just to show her how it worked. Knowing that there was now way I could win. There were all items I wanted but you know... Anyway, I won 3 out of the 4. My sil complains that she never wins her auctions. It's a nack I guess. Oh well, that is why I stay away!


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