Friday, May 26, 2006

Been A Long Time...

Sunday is Race Day and I am so glad!!!!  It has been a rough May and the months before hand as well.  One of our Directors was out on maternity leave then had surgery and was out another 8 weeks on top of that.  Since she left I have been working 2 weekends on, and one off.  Add sweeps to that and I am dead tired...after my 10 hour marathon on Sunday it is back to normal for awhile!!  I think the attitudes had work will ease up too once the pressures are off.
Two big finales this week as well.  Lost ended Year 2 on a great note.  Loved the 2 hour episode that answered questions but added 2 more mysteries for every one it solved.  AWESOME!!!!!!  Top Chef rules the reality airwaves...Harold rocked and Dave being drunk was funny but in the end it was all about the food and from start to finish Harold was da'man!
School is almost out for summer and time to find something for the boy to do.  We have several camps set up for him and he made the High School Marching Band so he will be practicing and going to band camp and so on.  Should be a good summer for him, fingers crossed!!!!
Last night was the first night in a long time where we did not have a thing planned!!!  No school, concerts, Over Time, Baseball, Scouts, etc.  So it was go home, relax, enjoy a sit down meal with the family at a decent time and watch a little TV, go over our days and make plans for the weekend.  There is a problem when these days are few and far between, but I cherish them none the less...


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