Monday, May 22, 2006

Bullet Points

Had a nice weekend, tons of stuff to touch on but nothing worth a whole big post so I give you:

My Weekend The Bullet Point Edition...

  • 714: Bonds hit number 714 and tied Babe Ruth. I will write about this whole thing at some point this season. But needless to say the man is a drug cheat. He admitted to taking steroids just not intentionally (he thought it was flaxseed oil). You honor, I thought it was a pound of sugar, oh it was coke, sorry...can I go now.
  • Yankees: get rid of Randy Johnson, trade ARod and use the money saved to pick up some good pitchers under the age of 30, hell under the age of 39 at this point.
  • Interleague Play: I hate it, but I understand some like it. So in compromise I offer this: Limit interleague play to a 3 game series right before the All Star Break and a 3 game series right after it. The first one will be Geographic rivals, that way you are close to home and the people see the cool matchups: NY v NY, TB v FLA, TX v Houston, Oakland v SanFran, the Battle of Ohio, Chicago. Then after the All Star Break do classic rivalries, Mets v Boston, Giants v Yankees, A's v Dodgers...that would gather interest and keep the impact on Divisional Standings to a minimum, plus who wants to watch a World Series with 2 teams that had already played several meaningless games already this season.
  • The DaVinci Code: Great Book, boring movie. Very slow and going through the motions. Hanks was too much like, Hey that's Tom Hanks then oh cool he is Langdon. The girl was plain and the Albino Monk was the best part of the movie. Wait for DVD and reread the book instead of going to the theater.
  • Outdoors: The boy went on a campout to Northern Indiana and I stayed home and did yard work. Cleaned the deck and backyard, mowed twice (rain + fertilizer=lots of grass), grilled and stat in the yard and played ball with the dog. I love summer weather!!!!
  • Parents: My Dad is going in for a 'procedure' as my mom calls it, nothing else is known so say a prayer and I'll find out more...Thanks!


At 9:42 PM, Blogger Brent said...

Yes, the weather is SUPERB!!

I hope your Dad is superb, also!


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