Wednesday, August 16, 2006

School's Back, No Summer!!

First day of the 8th grade!!!! The boy was up at 6:30am and ready to go. My folks showed up at 6:45am and the bus left shortly after. Since we have moved here my parents come over for the first day of school. At first it was cool for the boy but now he is an 8th grader and he got a little upset when my mother offered to hold his hand and walk to the bus stop. Oh, to be 13 again. The bus picked him up right on time with all his buds, and it was off to our annual breakfast at the Sunrise Cafe.

I am eating less with my BP. I can: 1) not eat as fast since it takes time to chew. 2) not take as big bites as I cannot open my mouth that wide. All in all this is working out for me, tomorrow I am back to working out at the YMCA and back into the saddle.

Some interesting side notes in my life:
- I have a coaches meeting tonight, first time as head coach.
- I have some Eagle Scout Boards of Review tomorrow, first time on one of those
- Yankees are up 3 games in the AL East (Yippee)
- Topps Allen & Ginter cards are the BOMB!!!! I think I will do the whole set
- I return to work today, we will see how I do
- My closest friend got married on Friday and we missed the wedding because I had doctors appointments because I thought I had a stroke, but CONGRATS HENRY!!!!!!!!!


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