Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday's With Bryan

Some fast hits and random acts of blogging....

Good Eye, Sniper: There is a sniper on the roads of Indiana. The person/persons lie in wait on the overpass and take shots at cars in the Interstate. So far no one has been hurt but several cars have had their windows blown out and quarterpanels look like Swiss cheese. No sooner does this story break nationally my MIL calls to know EXACTLY what is going on and if they will catch these people. See she and coming for her annual visit and they drive from NY to us for a few days then back to FLA. Problem is they do not like to stay long, they plan on 3-4 days but something always comes up and they leave the morning of the 3rd day. This call has me thinking it is a lead up to "We can't come out with a sniper on the loose, too dangerous." We'll see.

How About That! The Yankees win one last night and ARod got his stuff together. Problem is Boston won as well but we are still in the wild card hunt! This has been a great season for baseball, unless you are a Cubs fan.

Indulge In Adventure: Laine Morgan is back!! That is all.

The Apple: The boy made Star and is ready to take on Life then EAGLE. But after a talk yesterday we both came to the same conclusion, take your time and enjoy. There is too much pressure on the boys to advance and the boy wants to enjoy Scouting. If he takes a year to make Life that will leave him 4 years to get Eagle. Plenty of time. I will not let him sit on his ass but I will not pressure him to cram 3 years of advancement into 6 months. Funny, that is exactly what he said to his Scoutmaster during his Board of Review and he agreed.

The Boob Tube: Two shows being pushed already for the Fall Schedule that I am dying to see: Heroes and Jericho. Awesome!!

The Village People: Hit the YMCA this morning (twice in a row) and worked out hard. Had a good morning and saw a few people I have missed this summer. Someone, however, was on my machine today. It was no big deal as there were 5 other open machines. But it is the machine I am always on from 8-840. As I noticed how much it disturbed me I realized that I sit in the same seat in the newsroom everyday and have a fit if someone is sitting there. I have actually moved the new people if they sit there and the crew tell them (in a half joking way) do not sit in that chair when Bryan is here, he might kill you. One guy knows that when he wants to get my goat he will sit there when I come in and watch as I stand behind him until he finally gets up and laughs...I think I have some problems!


At 8:28 PM, Blogger Brent said...

I'm glad to see they caught the sniper. It's unfortunate that someone had to die. It's also unfortunate that it seems his life was so messed up, especially at 17. He'll spend the rest of his life in prison.

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