Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Morning

So I awoke at 10am today. It has been a very nice weekend. The boy is out on a camping trip so it is just the wife and I. I have all sorts planned yesterday but only did a few things. We slept in and had breakfast then helped the landscape guy.

See we had the yard done this year and added a tree, he came by yesterday to finish mulching around the tree and his truck died. So I spent about 1.5 hours out there helping him with jumper cables and starters and what not. In the end I had to leave and his wife came by and they got the parts needed. When I returned from my errands he was gone. But it felt good helping him out, they are very nice people. The guy has his business accounts with the wife and his wife saw mine at the bank on Friday and they chatted for some time. Then she shows up at our house to drive her husband to the parts store (I offered but has an appointment at 1). We ended up meeting some nice people and helping out at the same time.

After I left the house we went to the Fall Baseball Meeting and picked up my team's equipment. No big deal, just talked to the commish and checked out the bag. We then ran some of the errands we needed to: shopping at Cosco, changing the oil on the wife's car and hitting the grocery store.

When we got home I cleaned the garage and the wife started dinner, my parents and sister and nephew came over for my Mom's birthday. The wife made pork stirfry and we had cake and ice cream and the nephew sang Happy Birthday. We then retired to the living room and watched some kid's movie with the young boy and talked. Everyone left after 9 and we stayed up and cleaned off the DVR with some stuff we should have watched 2 months ago.

Today we pick up the boy from the camp and then hit the Brunch at La BellaVita, again for my mom. It will be AWESOME!!! After that it is bear down time: mow the lawn, finish the garage and stain some shelves.

Have a productive day!


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