Friday, August 25, 2006


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I hate it when I have nothing to bitch about!!!!!!

Yesterday I had a nice talk with a co-worker. She was down and came in to my office and we ended up talking for about an hour. I was on lunch and she waiting on a computer rendering. She is in one of those rock and hard place places. She works in a small department (4 people) and she is the 'boss'. While she has no real authority she is the one that plans, sets up, schedules locations, etc, etc, etc for the shoots and shows. She is also the new one in the department. In the end it comes down to this, when she tells them what she needs/wants they say she is too controlling and killing their creativity, when she gives them free reign they complain she lacks direction. Damned if you do dammed if you don't. I feel for her and lent an ear and made a good friend. I hope things work out for her, I know that they will not change but I hope she finds some enjoyment in the job and told her she needs to laugh everyday and that if need be, stop by my office once a day for a joke or something....I think she just might.

Talked to my NY friends the other day. Seems my old shop is going through the old contract talks again. And it sounds as if they are going to lay down and take one up the ass. It is sad to hear what has happened to that place. There is so much apathy there it is not funny. I still keep in touch with some and at this distance now wish no one ill there. They just want to have a job and bring home a paycheck every 2 weeks and not get screwed doing it. I wish them luck with the new contract. I am sure I'll get details but what I heard the other day was shocking!!!! It sounded like there was no need for a union when this is done and I am sure that is what the company is looking for.....too bad.

It's Friday, time to get moving. I figured out why I am tired and not working out. These pills I am taking for the Bell's Palsy have a side effect of insomnia, so when I last looked at the clock last night, it was after 3am. It has been like that for weeks now. But come hell or high water on Monday I will be up and out at 7am!!!!!!!


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