Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tonight's TV

My Name Is Earl: One of the funniest shows in TV. High/low brow, well written and acted, should have won emmy's for ALL involved!

The Office: Paired with Earl Must See TV is back!!! In it's heyday I do not think Friends and et al were this funny. Aside from Family Guy I look forward to this hour EVERY WEEK!!!

Survivor: Been here since Season 1 and will never leave. The original reality series, never better.

Supernatural: Thankfully a nice replacement to Buffy. The writing is not there yet but the stories are entertaining and I can watch it with my teenage son without anyone blushing!

CSI: Again another original, I am a little worried on the behind the scenes love stories. I've always seen this as a cross between Law & Order (no character development outside the crime) and NYPD Blue (crime is secondary to lives outside office). I think they are moving too far to Blue and not enough Sherlock Holmes........

ER: I almost gave up on this one last year. The final episode was better than the whole season! And when will Bend It Like Beckem leave the show already, I am so tired of her!


At 9:10 PM, Blogger Brent said...

I watch one show on TV..."Two and a half Men". Otherwise you'll rarely catch me in front of a TV, unless it's the History Channel or The Discovery Channel.


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