Friday, November 24, 2006

The Day After...

Well we made it through another Thanksgiving. We had the TurDukEn and it was OK. Nothing like WOW, Oh My God, just hey this is good. It did make a hell of a gravy!!!! Other than that the day was spent in good company (I had to leave for 4 hours to work). Now on to Christmas!!!

The wife is already at the shopping centers, I am still sick and trying to get into gear to go to work. There were no BIG items today that we wanted at the stores. This Black Friday was really lackluster, nothing screamed out HEY I HAVE GOT TO HAVE THIS.....the stores really cheaped out this year, bah humbug!!!!

I am off to work but before I go I must call the doctor and get rid of this cold, it has moved into the chest and is driving the wife crazy at night, she cannot sleep for me coughing every 2 minutes. I get sick once a day due to all the junk collecting in my stomach. On that note I bid you a fond Day After Thanksgiving and if you have the day off, enjoy with the family!!!!!!


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