Saturday, November 25, 2006

Saturday AM

Well I made it through the week and now it is the weekend. I just got back from the doctors and I have an upper respiratory infection. It have the meds and will get some rest and will be better so.

Now it is off to the garage to do the things I needed to do last weekend but was too sick. First off I must clean the summer side of the garage. Put away the hoses and rakes and shovels and mower and weed-a-way. Once that is done it is time to find the ice scrappers, snow shovels, salt and then the Christmas decorations. I plan to have the lights and tree up this weekend and have the cards ready to go to the post office. That is right we are ahead of schedule this year. The wife already has most of the shopping done for the entire family and the things we do need we have a list for and know exactly what we are going to get. It feels great to be organized, I just hope we can follow through the next 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!

Till then.....


At 8:37 PM, Blogger Brent said...

This is hilarious! I (finally) cleaned my garage this weekend, too. I hate scraping snow and ice off my car so I finally decided the weather could seriously turn on us and made room for the cars.


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