Thursday, January 04, 2007

Seat Up - Day 3

Last night was nice. Got home from work and grilled some burgers on the new griddle/grill. Worked great!!! Then sat down and watched Millions, a movie about a boy who finds a million pounds the week before England switches over to the Euro. His brother thinks they should spend it but the young boy, who see the Saints, thinks that they should give it all from the poor. An excellent movie about faith and loss, greed and charity, love and I sure do sound pretty sappy, I think I miss the wife....

Well on the honey-d list I got the house cleaned and will work on de-Christmasing on Friday night. Tonight is dinner at my folks and then maybe a movie before bed. This morning I awoke at 6:50am and my body would not let me get back to sleep, a little f-you for not getting up and working out. Instead I got up and did dishes and cleaned up. Not the workout I wanted to do but I did get moving and got something accomplished.

Well, off to work, let us see what today brings...


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