Friday, March 16, 2007

Lunch Break

No time for the Internet this morning as I was up and out and to the gym. I got there and told a trainer/friend that I was BORED, and had not worked out in a week or so. And have definitely not been as regular as I was last year! He hooked me up with another employee who used to be a trainer before a car accident. He beat the HECK out of me!!!! I now have a new routine to start for weight training. Two days of legs, one of upper push muscles and one of upper pull muscles. It will be difficult, I am upper my weights, reps (from 12 to 15) and sets (from 2 to 3); while decreasing the NUMBER of machines I use. I am very excited about this and hope to have some good results in a few months!!!

As for the previous posts in which some of my loyal visitors have not read ANY on the list I will tell you this: I do read more than SciFi/Fantasy (see my reading library here) but try to pick a title on the list and give it a shot. There are some one book classics and a few long trilogies (Lord of the Rings), but give it a shot!

Well lunch is almost over and I have a little light reading I want to do before I go back to the grindhouse!


At 8:29 PM, Blogger Brent said...

I first read LOTR when I was 14 and my Uncle gave me a set. I've read it probably 5 times since. Thank goodness for Peter Jackson.


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