Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Got Up...

Went and worked out today. Did only cardio no weights. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and my stomach is still a little 'off'.

The boy is still doing well at school and is earning some of his stuff back. We let him out with friends this weekend and let him play video games (with us). So I think he is learning his lesson but we are still on top of him.

Sorry, slow boring day in a slow boring week. I have nothing to rant about (yet) and am trying to take an even keel to work and keep it! I believe it to be working so far, but time will tell.

My parents did return from NYC with gifts! One dozen NY Bagels and some potato knishes. If you have never eaten neither, who have not lived! Had a bagel for breakfast and might use one for a sandwich for lunch.......


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