Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday, Friday...

Wow, what a boring week altogether. Nothing to write about, nothing to rant about and nothing to really remember. I think I would enjoy more weeks like this. Sure we were a little busy with Scouts, band meetings and concerts but it was nothing we couldn't handle. I got to watch my shows and sleep and get some exercise in, not too bad for a week.

In work news we are getting ready for a big studio project. Which means we will be in a temporary studio for some time. Which also means that the news department will be able to concentrate on writing the news and not worry about where they need to move talent too (the bosses like to have the talent move around the studio for no reason, very distracting). It is the hope of most involved that when the brass sees what real news can be they will get away from this movement for movement's sake.

We are also having big parking troubles at work. I was 15 minutes late because I had to drive around the block waiting for someone to leave. I finally parked a nice walk away on the street then went out there after lunch to move the car closer and more secure and still did not make it into any of the 3 lots we have to park in. It is ridiculous what we have to go through to get to work....


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