Monday, March 12, 2007


Well it is Monday morning and this weekend kicked my butt!!!!

WE started early on Saturday morning to help a Scout work on his Eagle Project. He is making collections for the Human Society and we had to drop off a bag and list of needs to 174 homes. The Scout hit 800 homes total. It was not that hard but just a lot of walking to every house and putting a bag on their door. We go back to 'our' homes next week and pick up whatever was left for us.

We hung around the house after that, cleaning and enjoying the nice weather. We had windows open all weekend and the dog did not want to come it at all!!! WE did hit the malls to pick up some jewelry that was busted. I pick up some clothes as some of my current stuff is starting to be big on me. The wife is after me to get new jeans as the ones I wear are too big. I am right now BETWEEN sizes. I hate that. The ones I wear are baggy but the next size down is a little uncomfortable. Give me a few weeks..........

Not only did we have the time change to deal with on Sunday I had to work the AM shift. That would be 4am-9am (for a fill in) and will the time change it was 3am that I had to be there, meaning wakey wakey at 2am. So the rest of the day was a blur.

We did get to watch two movies this weekend. The Departed and 300. Both were absolutely FANTASTIC in it's own way. The Departed was classic Scorsese!! The acting was well done, the story intriguing and the ending had some many 'moments' I think I said "Holy Sh*t" more then I said it all year!!! 300 was in a word AWESOME! The number one movie at the box office and rightly so. Action, plot, great visuals, fantastic acting, it had it all. AND loosely based on a true story. I am a big fan of the tall of the 300 against Xerxes. I have read several books on the subject and they did alright for a movie based on a comic based on an historical event. Check them both out! Both are a little bloody (OK not a little) but both tell great stories and are very well acted!

Today I slept FOREVER! My wife woke me up and I have to move my butt. I guess I need more than 3 hours of sleep on a Saturday night.......


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