Monday, August 13, 2007

Sanity Returns...

We made it through the first phase of south beach. Two weeks without any carbs or fruit got to me at the end. We are now on Phase II and the menu is a bit better. I feel good and the clothes are fitting better. Let us see where this takes us.

It was the final weekend for the boy. School starts on Wednesday. He is ready and able to make it a great year. We will ride him hard until he shows he can continue where he left off last year. It will be hard the first few weeks but we will get through it. We had our summer Court of Honor with the Scouts last night. The boy said like 20 people came up and told him how much he matured this summer. "Looks like a man" was said several times. I also let him pull the car into and out of the garage yesterday, gave the wife a heart attack.

Two TV updates:

Watched the John From Cincinnati finale last night. WHAT THE FUDGE?!?!?!?!?!? I gave it a shot but man oh man did that thing jump over my head. It was an interesting show but for the love of Pete dump it and get back to Deadwood, now that was a show!!!!

On the other hand if you have BBC America and are not watching Jekyll you are missing out on FANTASTIC television. Incredible acting by James Nesbitt (sp?) and the story is awesome. Yes it is a modern retelling of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, but man oh man is it good. Do yourself a favor and find it and watch it. They are on episode 3 so you have not missed too much.

Final note: when you stop by please leave a comment. I know it is selfish but I like to see who is visiting and what they have to say. Have a great Monday!!!

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