Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tuesday's With Bryan

Well it is official I am an old man. This morning the boy and I got up and left for an appointment. It was Freshman registration time at the High School. He got his ID photo taken, signed up for a yearbook and bought season tickets to the football games (for us to watch him at marching band). He stopped and talked to a dozen or so people and then I left for work. A new stage of life is upon us. I hope we can all survive!

Yesterday was also a bad/good day for the boy. He was dropped off at Band Camp by Grandma and then she got a call from him saying come pick me up there is no spot for me this year. My mother drove over in 5 minutes flat walked into the band room where the 2 directors were speaking. She pointed at the one not talking and gave him the come here motion. She was told that because he missed the first week of camp (which they knew about because of Philmont) they wrote him out and he no longer had a spot. But please come back next year. She wouldn't leave and then talked to the head director. For 30 minutes they talked behind closed doors and then we they came out he had a spot. Band Nazis. He has a spot and has to learn a new instrument but I am still hot about it. He left me a voice mail (I was doing the news) and you could hear the heartbreak when he said he was calling Granny to come pick him up. Thank God my mother was there, I would have went through the roof and he would have be banned for life when I was done with them. She kept a cool head and explained the WHOLE family is already involved doing Fundraising and Water duty, etc. He gave up Fall Baseball for this and that is the way they treat a 2nd year Band member WHO WANTS TO BE THERE!!!!! The thing that gets me is the fact that the head director is an EAGLE SCOUT and when we told him the boy was going to Philmont he said enjoy, it is a once in a lifetime chance, there will be a spot here when you get back.

All is fine in the end but man I am still pissed!!!

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That is so wrong.


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