Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday's With Bryan

Fell off the wagon yesterday. Finished a meeting, the boy was at marching band and the wife at her meetings. Sat in front of the tube and ate. At first just a simple snake that took a turn for the worse. In the end it was one of those good idea/bad idea things. Bad because it was bad for me, after being so good for 2.5 weeks. Good in the fact that I felt not only terrible about it but also like crap, physically. I still have a stomach ache. I slept terribly and had nightmares that kept waking me up. Lesson learned. Stick to this one I will (thank you Yoda)...

Last day of summer in my house. The boy starts school tomorrow, which means I am back at the gym at 7am Thursday morning. I am actually looking forward to it. It will be nice to see some old workout buddies and take the hit when they ask where I have been all summer. Being lazy is the only excuse I have, and that is no excuse at all. Take your lumps and move on.

Be well, till next time...

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