Wednesday, September 19, 2007 Arrest

I watched the following news story with glee the other day. I actually first saw it while doing the Noon show. Some loud mouth gets ASKED to leave a Town Hallish meeting with John Kerry. The Officers then begin to escort him away. He starts in with Freedom of Speech and such bullsh*t these people exploit then after a few more warnings, BAM, Taser!!!

It was awesome and I actually cheered. The kid is on the floor begging not to get tasered, you don't want the shot then listen to the officers. He was not drunk or high or without his facilities. He was asked politely, he was gently nudged, then the cops did what they needed to do for the safety of those in the meeting and themselves. PERIOD. IF any of those people are disciplined in any way I will raise a stink. They were doing their job and he was a public nuisance AND a threat to safety once he refused to comply.

I turned to my co-worker and said, That is why I would never make a good cop. I have no tolerance for non-compliance. I ask once, that is it, once. If I have the authority to make you do something and you refuse to do it, after I have asked you politely OR told you explicitly what is expected then we have a problem. And if my solution is sitting on my hip and will knock you down and make you pee yourself, then that is what you get for not listening in the first place!

Before you jump on me, yes I know that there are bad cops out there, officers who take things TOO far. I believe that they are few and far between. It is the common man who think that they can get way with this shit because the cameras are on and they can call Rodney King on anyones ass. If the Officials get their heads out of their collectives asses and support the police there would be a great reduction in incidents. IF a thug knew that if they step out of line after getting caught that the officers may use APPROPRIATE force in dealing with them with no repercussions to them then maybe they would stop running....

That is all....


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