Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Still Here...

Busy week and weekend. Been working hard both at work, at home and freelance.

Sorry I have not been around or interesting lately. I am not sure what is up, drawing blanks on life, love and the pursuit of happiness I guess.

However if one is to be stuck in a rut, then this is a good one to be in. Work is going very well. I am being left alone during the day and doing special projects left and right. Home life is great, the boy is doing well in school and the wife and I are getting along better than ever (I do thing the several weeks of empty-nest showed us we are in it for the long run). The diet is going very well. Clothes are fitting better, she looks great and I feel great. So no complaints here at home or in the office.

I will be back and someone or something will put me over the edge, or maybe I'll just break out a little rant to get the old blood moving here....

Till next time.


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