Sunday, September 09, 2007

Fun Weekend...

The wife is gone and the boy was at band all day. He is doing well after the Friday doctor's mess. He is in a boot up to his knee for the next 2 weeks. He'll be fine.

Worked OT yesterday morning (5am-9am) and then stopped by 2 local game clubs. I love gaming, all sorts, and with the free time yesterday I decided to stop in on some placed I have heard of and got invites to. The first one was an actual club. They have dues and a facility and have regular meetings. It was only me and one other there for a while and then some other guys showed up. It has potential and I will be going back this week when more people are there. I left after a while as another group was having it's monthly meeting that afternoon. There were 7 people there and they had two different games going. I jumped in and we played a few different types of games. They continued on into the night but I had to leave and get the boy. I had a great time and will be back next month for more game action.

Was a bad boy last night in the diet thing. I had pizza with the boy and we watched a movie. He passed out (had a sleep over the night before) so I just stayed up a little while longer and then hit the sheets. I strayed this weekend off of South Beach but I will get it back, starting today. The funny thing was that the pizza SAT at the bottom of my stomach all night. Blech!!!

Thanks to M, I have all the season premieres this fall of our TV shows. He is a partial list of what we will be watching this fall:

How I Met Your Mother
Prison Break
CSI: Miami

The Unit
Boston Legal

Bionic Woman
Kitchen Nightmares

My Name Is Earl
The Office

Las Vegas

The Simpsons
Desperate Housewives
Family Guy
American Dad

Actually not too bad for us (wife only shows in italics). This does not really include new shows that the wife might like. Or favorites like Sunny In Philly, Battlestar Galactica, The Shield, etc.


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